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          TEL: 0086-519-88791105
          FAX: 0086-519-88791902
          E-MAIL: yongan@yonganmotor.com
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          Changzhou Yongan Electric CO.,LTD. is born in Changzhou Yongan motor factory.It is a designing & developing,producting & sailing stock company.It is a specialized enterprise to design & manufacture a variety of air conditioner motor.It covers an area of 80000 square metres,including building area of 50000 square metres with fixed assets of 80 million yuan .It is lives in TANHU lakefront,Changzhou Luoyang industrial zone.It’s main products include fan motors used for all kinds of air conditioners(window,cupboard and split)and motors for fan coil units pipe,contilated air condition chest ,high pressure positive blower and single phase and three phase fan motor and brushless DC.motor &. AC.PG motor for split and cupboard air conditioners.

              The motors is used by Carrier, TRANE, YORK ,McQuay, DUNHAM-BUSH,Midea, it’s annual output has reached over 5 million sets.It has a strong scientific and technical force with advanced computer design,plenty experience and proficiency in manufacturing and has advanced equipments and measuring appliances, it has formed a scaple production in design;optimization,moulde,punch and casting; winding, insulation,research and designing,assemble and testing with a integrated system for the procurement of supply,production and marketing.

              Company has passed ISO9001system confirmation and safety confirmation,All the motors have passed CCC and CE attestation.Also there are more kinds of motors have passed UL attestation.It is enterprise enstitled to import & export directly.

              Yongan motor is the perfect combination of motor and air condition and is the suit of mating computer technique with air conditioner optimization. Your air conditioners used by our motors air safest,veliable,rest assured air conditioners.It is your motors!

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