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          TEL: 0086-519-88791105
          FAX: 0086-519-88791902
          E-MAIL: yongan@yonganmotor.com
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          Dear Friends:

          You are welcome to login Changzhou Yongan Motor Factory Co., Ltd. Website, which is an enterprise specialized in the research & development and manufacture of various types of central air-conditioning motors, commercial air conditioning motors, bus vehicle and truck air conditioning motors, luxury sedan air-conditioning motors, container ocean-going freighter freezer motors (MARIN) and high-speed railway EMU train air-conditioning motors. The sales revenue in 2011 amounted to USD 150 million. The products manufactured are supplied all the year round for such famous companies as Ingersoll Rand (Trane) of the United States, Johnson Controls (York) of the United States, Carrier of the United States, DAIKIN of Japan, Midea of China, Matsushita of Japan and Sinko of Japan to form a complete set. The central air-conditioning motors have been continuously supplied for many famous companies for two decades and their users exist all over the world, thus making the first-line products occupying up to 80% market share and winning appreciation and praise among users throughout the world. For the recent two decades, the Yongan motors have been rendering services to customers around the world and have achieved "Zero Claims", "Zero Defect" and "Zero Maintenance", thus having made Yongan an  "Excellent Supplier" and a "Strategic Cooperation Partner" for many famous clients for two decades.

          This company is situated in the Luoyang Town Industrial Zone of Changzhou City, on the southern side of the Beijing-Shanghai expressway and the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, in the Taihu Lake Basin within the China's famous Yangtze River Delta zone, where is a place beautiful in environment, abundant in resources, convenient in transportation and renowned for being the birthplace of persons of great merits. This company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, including a building area of 50,000 square meters and is staffed with more than a thousand employees, including higher and medium education persons accounting for more than 1/3 of them. This company is armed with excellent equipment and there is a modernized, better educated and younger core team. This company's scientific and technological innovation ability and R & D capabilities are the best in the world and such high and new technologies as digital and digital code control motor, software design and preparation, application of rare earth, inverter technology and electronic integrated drive are unique in the industry both in the east and the west and have found favor among businessmen. This company adheres to the scientific and technological innovation to strive to be the "Apple" in the motor industry and to strive to be such pace-setters as "Jobs" in the motor industry, to create more and new products and to create fine products to render services for you and the society. The Yongan Motor is always your credible, beloved, available and trustable sincere friend. Thank you for your visit to our website once again. You are always welcome to visit our website next time and your comments are appreciated.

          Your friend forever - the Yongan Motor.

          Mr. Qin Guo Min, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Changzhou Yongan Motor Factory Co., Ltd. wishes you safe forever sincerely. .

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